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Get Better at Alternate Picking With These Simple Exercises

Today we’re going to talk about how to get better at alternate picking and build a solid foundational technique with Single String Chop Builders that focus on the picking motion to build speed and accuracy.

Speed and accuracy aren’t necessarily pre-requisites to be considered a good guitarist. However, speed and accuracy are rad tools to keep on your tool belt to help shape phrases to the best they can be. Speed is simply how many notes you can play in a given time – the trick is – can you control it?

Accuracy is more than just playing the right notes. It’s striking the note with the pick at the same time as your fretting hand places a finger on the note, allowing the note to ring clearly, and holding it for it’s full duration of the note. Without accuracy, you will sound like a straight up beginner.

Speed is a kick ass way to create tension entering a phrase, within a phrase, and exiting a phrase – to create a long stream of notes, to elevate or
convey attitude of riffs, etc. Regardless of the progression of guitar having a command over speed is here to stay.

How to Get Better at Alternate Picking

Ironically, the best way to get better at alternate picking and increase your speed is to practice slowly, but more importantly, focusing on the motion of alternate picking and that’s exactly what these exercises are designed to do.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to download the pdf of the lesson, the exercises, and a practice log for you to keep track of your progress. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to always be the first to watch free lesson videos!

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